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19 mar Novos pacotes promocionais

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Lojas Virtuais 100% gerenciáveis, criação de loja virtual sem taxas de utilização. Código fonte exclusivo com layout personalizado e exclusivo, com inúmeras funções de marketing e ações administrativas completas, ferramentas de logística, com transportadores e correios, implantação de todos os meios de pagamentos, sistemas de representantes, fotógrafos experientes e profissionais de mídia.


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    / I’m right with you on the October thing. Oh, man – I can’t wait! Even though I’ll be hugely pregnant, I don’t care. I already bought a pumpkin spice candle & I’ve been stocking up on Autumn candy mixes from the store. I love this season!

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    That seems to be the story we had in Iowa as well. Everyone and their brother came to our tiny town, but we never knew about it till after they had come and left. ARGH! I guess that’s what we get for living in a small town with no means of communication for upcoming events.

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    Hi Becky,Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such kind words. I can't wait to join in on your new adventure on Wednesdays…I too feel a little empty on Tuesday when I am not trying to snap a shot of something to post for WW. i hope you have an awesome week full of bliss and blessings!!Smiles,sheila

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